A blossoming welcome to you all.

It is a well known fact that communication is the lifeline of every relationship, be it personal or professional. A serious and unflinching communication does not only foster mutual understanding, it also engenders the peace and development desired in our relationships as individuals and communities.

In the light of this, I welcome you to the newest communication tool for Nigerian library and information professionals – the NLA Blog. The blog has been set up to harness the benefit of web 2.0 by attempting to bridge whatever information gap existing among us as professionals.

What’s the aim of the NLA Blog?

Among others, the aims of this blog are to:

(i) improve on existing communication channel for NLA members;
(ii) facilitate information sharing and update on professionally-related events and announcements;
(iii) create an avenue for continuous professional development and knowledge sharing;
(iv) keep LIS professionals in Nigeria updated with professional news and opportunities;
(v) serve as a medium for continuous interaction and engagement among ourselves and the public.

What exactly is a Blog?

Basically, a blog is like an online diary. It is a website whose contents are arranged in reverse chronological order as they are added to the page. Different individuals make use of blogs in different forms and context. Simply put, however, a blog is an online site that combines the features of a website with the facility for public comment and interaction.

As a professional Association, a blog is an important tool to keep NLA members updated and informed. It remains an irony that several information professionals are either uninformed of misinformed. Professional/association’s blogs keep the flow of information steady among members and serve as a memoir of events and communication within the profession.

Who can write on the NLA Blog?

All of us.

Despite the constitution of a Blog team under the NLA communication crew, the NLA Blog is an open avenue for us all to bear our minds open. While we in the Blog team take up the responsibility of constant update, editorial and moderating functions, every member of NLA can submit contents for the Blog. However, the basic rules of online engagements remains sacrosanct and must be respected. Such rules will be shared in subsequent posts.

In another post coming soon, I will give examples of content ideas for us all to be aware of what we can do to be part of this project. I assure you that the NLA Blog is a tool that can launch our profession into higher level of competency and relevance.

I implore everyone to participate and approve of this project for the benefit of us all. Indeed, when I was contacted to head the Blog team by the Coordinator of NLA Digital Communication Crew, Ayodele Alonge, I found myself reluctant to accept the responsibility considering my experience with blogging. I understand the arduous task involved in keeping a blog alive. Nevertheless, I equally understand that a blog is one of the tools that can enhance our professional stance and coherence.

As you look out for our posts, kindly direct all correspondences to blog@nla.ng and feel free to interact using the comment box below our blog posts.

Once again, welcome to the NLA Blog.


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