LEADERSHIP – Chief Executive Officer, National Library of Nigeria (NLN), Professor Lenrie Aina has said joint interests and consistent campaigns by youth groups and Nigerians will ensure government prioritize the completion of the permanent national library in the nearest future.
The national librarian who spoke at a meeting with a group of CSOs heading the #fundthenationallibrarycoalition commended them noting that the agency has been able to maintain momentum of actions from the executive and legislators owing to their efforts in calling out public authorities to urgently address the completion of the structure.
Last year, media reports on the national library’s state of disrepair, gravitated attention to the progress of the permanent library and measures to speed up its construction. While CSOs called for public hearing on the issue, and increment of appropriations for the library, House Committee on Education pledged to employ necessary means to complete the building in 12 months.

Read More at: https://leadership.ng/2018/03/02/consistent-campaigns-will-enhance-govts-prioritization-national-library-prof-aina-tells-nigerians/

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